Children’s Counselling

We offer counselling for younger children who are affected by cancer or other life threatening illnesses. Counselling, which might involve using toys and art materials as well as talking, can enable children to explore and express their feelings in a safe, contained environment.

How does counselling help?

When children can express and understand their feelings they start to feel empowered, their self esteem grows and they become more resilient and able to cope with difficult life situations like a cancer diagnosis in the family.

How many sessions will my child have?

It really depends on the individual child. Initially the counsellor will meet with you and then with your child for an assessment session to decide whether counselling can be helpful. If you decide to go ahead your child will then be offered ten sessions with the counsellor. Towards the end of this time the counsellor will talk to you about whether it would be helpful to have any more sessions.

Where do we have to come?

At PAC’s premises in Frome we have a dedicated playroom for children’s use.

What age are children who come for counselling?

Our young children’s counselling service is aimed at children aged between 4-11 years. If your child is older and would like to see someone they can talk to our young person’s counsellor. Click here for more information about adolescent counselling.

How long do sessions last?

The sessions last for 45-50 minutes, usually once a week at the same time and on the same day.

How will I, as a parent, be involved?

The counsellor will find it helpful to to talk to you about your child and you will have an opportunity to meet with the counsellor before your child’s first session. Although children are seen by themselves for counselling you may contact the counsellor at any time if you have any questions or concerns. We ask parents/carers who bring their child to Frome to stay in the building while the child is being seen by the counsellor. The counsellor may offer you a review meeting if she thinks it could be helpful.

Do you tell me about my child’s sessions?

The sessions are confidential for the child, although the counsellor will tell you how your child is. At times this may include support and advice for you to enable your child to feel supported by those in their immediate family.

Does it cost anything?

We would like to ask you to make a contribution towards the cost of your child’s weekly sessions if you are able to. We are committed to providing counselling free of charge because we understand that cancer can cause financial difficulties. We rely entirely on donations from individuals, community fundraising and support from grant making trusts to offer this service. We receive no NHS funding. To make a contribution please talk to your counsellor.

Do we have to live in Frome?

No, as long as you are able to bring your child to Frome for weekly sessions we can see you.